What's the Funnel about?

Thank you for visiting The Funnel!

You will find interesting posts on a variety of topics ranging from career tips, exercising, technology, to whatever I feel like posting about.  It will also include my thoughts and recommendations on these topics.

This blog contains most of my blog writings. I have two other blogs, “Business Development Blog House” & “The Two Too”.  Bits and pieces from those blogs along with other postings I've written funnel into this one, hence “The Blog Funnel”. However, to get the full post, you still must go to that specific blog by clicking on one of the tabs above or a link below:

- “Business Development Blog House”, click here: http://bdbloghouse.blogspot.com/  
- “The Two Too”, click here: http://thetwotoo.blogspot.com/ 

I hope you enjoy.
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